Art Dislpays

Division 1 has taken over the school!

We have been hanging up some of our favourite artwork from the year. Mrs. Grimm showed us how to build our displays, we made display plaques, and now we feel like we are up in a real life gallery.

The first piece in each display is a kite made of bamboo and recycled plastic. We formed the frames with string, cut the plastic to size, mounted it, and then draw designs.

Second is a “Fractured Face”. To do these, we painted portraits of our friends, then cut them up, rearranged them, and had them laminated.

Finally, is a tinfoil embossing. To do these, we made designs with thick glue on cardboard that we left to dry. Then we covered them in heavy foil and rubbed them smooth until the image underneath was embossed into the foil. Finally we coated them in india ink and/or paint and mounted them on cardboard.

Tell us what you think!


On Friday we went Rock-climbing and it was awesome! We started the day by getting into our harnesses and then getting a safety briefing from the staff at the climbing gym.

Some of us were very scared when we began; some of us took off straight away, fearlessly. However, by the end, all of us were climbing like gibbons.

What we found out is that climbing is hard work. Our shoulders and hands were all quite sore to start the March Break!

World Expo

To answer some burning questions that we had about other countries and other cultures, we undertook a research project to learn as much as we could. Over the course of weeks we developed questions, found answers, asked more questions, and answered those too. It seemed like the more that we learned, the more that we wanted to know.

After compiling and organizing our research, we wrote, revised, and edited reports on the aspects of each country that we found most interesting. On December 14, we had all of the classes, our families, and some visitors from the community come to our World Expo, which was held in the school gym. Below is a slideshow of our big presentation day:

There was food, music, slideshows, and fun. Everyone who attended filled out comment cards, and we used the feedback to imagine what we might do differently the next time we do something like this.

It was a load of work, but it was time well spent. Division 1 is becoming more and more knowledgeable about our global community!

Breaking the Silence

Students in Division 1 and 2 participated in the Vow of Silence yesterday to help raise awareness about the issue of children’s rights around the world. It was haunting to experience the otherwise boisterous classroom so silent; the impact was apparent:



Awareness was raised around the school through a poster campaign and frequent announcements.


Silly, Silly Cells

On Tuesday, we had a scientist come to our classroom. Her name was Ava Avalanche (or Avalanche Ava, according to some…), and she was awesome. She came to share with us the wonderful and fascinating world of cells.

Super scientist sharing the goods on cells

First we looked at some funny grainy stuff, sort of like sand, but smelled like bread. We wondered whether it was living or non-living. We found out by adding warm water and sugar that it was in fact living—it was yeast!

Putting the balloon on the test tube.

It's ALIVE!!!


Next up was a look into cellular respiration and osmosis. Two cool words with two cool meanings.

Foamy Potatoes!? Crying Carrots!? Oh, my!

Is it lunch? Nope, it's SCIENCE!

Finally, we learned about DNA—the building blocks of life. Best of all, we got to make the infamous double-helix—out of licorice and marshmallows. Then we got to eat it.

I love science; it's delicious!!

The incredible, and edible, double helix!

We had a great time with Ava Avalanche, and hope to see her back again in the spring to share some more super high-tech science stuff with us!

Vow of silence

In nine days the grade six and seven classes in our school will be participating in the vow of silence. It will be happening on Wednesday November 30th. During the vow of silence you are not allowed to talk, text, email, facebook, tweet or do any other form of communication. We do the vow of silence to raise awareness of the children in the world who cannot speak out against unfair rights. if you would like to know more visit  Please leave a comment if you or anyone else is participating in the vow of silence.

-danielle and susan 😀

What Does We Day Mean to You?

We Day 2011 was great! There were lots of interesting and inspiring speakers and performers. We Day has many meanings for many different people. One of the things We Day does for us is push us forward and challenge us to make a difference the world today. It makes us think of how we can help out in our community, our country, and around the world. We Day is a life changing experience, not only for students but for all ages. We Day means meeting new people, learning, being yourself, contributing to your community and around the world, and helping others.

We Day 2011

We Day isn’t just one day, it’s one whole year. What does We Day mean to you?

– Susan & Danielle  🙂

Our Favourite Places to Visit in BC

We are a fortunate group of people—we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world: British Columbia. As a part of the 2nd Blogging Challenge, we were asked to write about a favourite tourist attraction. We chose to write about our favourite tourist attractions in BC.

To showcase our favourite places, we have made a Google Map that we will add to as the writing rolls in over the next few days. If you click on the placemarks, you will see a description of the site from the point of view of a Division 1 student.

Please comment and let us know what you think. Have you been to any of these sites? Are there any here you would like to visit?

View Division 1 Favourite BC Tourist Attractions in a larger map

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We have been learning about the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a part of our study, we made a poster summary of the aricles which now hangs in the hall of the school. Feel free to comment and tell us which of the 30 rights you believe to be the most important, and why.